Training / Auditing

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The training and educational activities support business regulations in the development of human resources, with particular regard to safety aspects in normal operation or emergency operating procedures.

The training action is directed both to specific professional figures, who therefore require practical experience in the field and profiles like management type, which require a constant and detailed study of the regulations.

TRR, thanks to the collaboration of experts in the field of safety petrochemical plants, is able to provide theoretical and practical courses for:

  • Techniques facing firefighting
  • Behaviour in case of emergency
  • Carrying out special safety measures (reclamation, entrance in containers, hazardous works on plants)
  • Information and training for workers.

TRR is also involved in training courses in the field of risk analysis for technicians working in public or private structures. A particular aspect of these courses is that of carrying out comprehensive security analysis of real plant installations.
TRR, through its multi-year experience staff, carries out audits in the field of Safety, Management Systems, and Seveso Directive.