Fire Prevention

Our Services

TRR designs firefighting systems and nets for industrial sites, storage of dangerous materials, commercial buildings, public building such as hospitals, schools, offices and so on according to international standards, technical regulations and local laws.
During design phase, TRR takes into account the results of risk analysis to evaluate the real amount of extinguishing and cooling water needed for each accidental scenario.
TRR also designs water barriers or water walls in order to prevent the diffusion of flammable or toxic gases, such as LPG, HF and so on.
TRR uses US EPANET or other specialized software to theoretically simulate and verify firefighting nets; the model can then be tuned in by measuring real flow rates in pipes. The instrument used for these measurements is a modern Controlotron 1010, designed and realized according to ISO 9002 standard.

Engineering approach to firefighting design
TRR, using specific software, can realize a 3D simulation model for the development of a fire in a closed space (rooms, buildings, warehouses, etc.). On this basis, it is possible to:

  • Design structures in compliance with real fire exposure
  • Check the adequacy of existing structures
  • Design protection and extinguishing systems

Authorisation procedure assistance and fire prevention certificates
TRR provides complete consulting service in:

  • Project review issue
  • Certifications and declarations of relevant plants for fire prevention safety
  • Certified notice of commencement of construction works
  • Design compliance verification of active or passive protection systems

Authorisation procedure assistance and fire prevention certificates

TRR leads fire risk evaluation applying it, in particular, to very complex industrial firms (i.e. steel industry), complying with the final purpose of finding adaptation and improvement measures, specifically studied for the cases under consideration, in order to reach safety levels required by binding and good practice regulations.