Pressure Equipment Verification

Since April 2013 for verification of GVR equipment Territoriality: Lombardy and Sicily

After the entry into force of the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2011, regular testing of the equipment, according to the art. no. 71 of the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, can be undertaken by private companies.

In April 2013, our Company has been enabled by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to conduct periodic verifications of the equipment of the "GVR Group" (Gas, Steam, and Heating) in Lombardy and Sicily.

TRR is currently enabled in two Italian regions: Lombardy and Sicily.


The "Periodic Verification"

What is the "periodic verification" of equipment under pressure and what is new.

The employer that puts into service, after 23 May 2012, a work equipment listed in Annex VII of Legislative Decree no. 81/08, shall immediately communicate to territorially competent INAIL, which will award the equipment with registration number, communicating it to the employer.

Subsequently, the employer has to submit to periodic audits (first verification and following verifications) the work equipment listed in Annex VII of Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

The first periodic verification must be carried out by INAIL (formerly ISPESL), while the following periodic verifications by ASL.

The first periodic verification

The first periodic verification is directly carried out by INAIL (by its personnel) or by qualified entity, public or private, indicated, by the employer, in the first periodic verification request within 60 days from the request. If INAIL does not carry out (directly or by relying on the qualified entity indicated by the employer) the verification within 60 days from the request, the employer can rely directly on one of the qualified entities (public or private).

TRR S.r.l. is a qualified entity for GVR group (Gas, Steam, Heating).

In this case, the employer, after carrying out the periodic verification, notifies qualified entity's name that has directly charged to verification to INAIL.

Equipments enabling

TRR is enable to the following working equipments of the group GVR (Gas, Steam, Heating).

Containers of fluids with pressure higher than 0,5 bar
Water steam generators
Overheated water generators
Pipings containing gas, steams and liquids
Hot water generators with power higher than 116 KW
Furnaces for chemical industries and similar